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Weight Loss Through the Aid of Health and Fitness

There was a time when only women were conscious of their weight and shape.Gradually, and almost undetected, males have crept into the weight-loss class to join them. Whether or not this has anything to do with the emancipation or subjugation of the global male is open to conjecture. In the final event it may have no bearing on the fact that men have finally come out of the over-weight closet and admitted that ‘they’re fat’!It is a well-known fact that regardless of whether you are male or female, being too fleshy in certain parts does tend to make one slower of movement. This results in certain daily tasks, which hitherto have been completed with little or no conscious thought, becoming somewhat laborious.DIETFor the average man or woman it starts to become a worry when they realise that they’re having difficulty tying shoelaces, or that they can’t actually see their feet anymore (you have to experience an event such as this to really know how devastated it makes you feel). Now, whereas the non-thinkers of the world will totally ignore these warning signs, the rest of us will hunker down and bravely make the cruel decision that a diet of some type is definitely on the calendar.However, it is sad to say that few of even the elite decision-makers will admit to the fact that not only diet must be introduced into their daily lives, but also that other activity they’ve been avoiding all year – exercise. That’s right guys and gals, sorry to disappoint you but the two go hand in hand. Diet and exercise have to be conjoined if we are to see some meaningful and beneficial effects on our neglected bodies.WEIGHT LOSS AND EXERCISEYou don’t need to go to the gym fifteen times each week to lose weight.If you do have a membership (which is doubtful or you probably wouldn’t need to lose weight and get fit – and therefore probably wouldn’t need to be reading this), you will be well aware of just where the exercise gym finishes and where the right eating habits begin.If you’re not in the habit of running because you hate the thought, try walking – if not everywhere, at least a regular daily or three times-a-week brisk 4,000 to 5,000 steps along the beach, country road, or city highway (perhaps not the latter), but certainly anywhere that is suitable for walking. This number of paces roughly equals one and a half kilometres (a mile). If you stick with this practice for a month the change in your appearance will be noticeable.If you’re comfortable with running you’ll almost certainly see that change in about half the time. But don’t overdo it – desperation never solved anything.HEALTHIt goes without saying that even the token exercise outlined here, if continued faithfully, will show you an improved feeling of well-being. The overall result is what we describe as ‘better health’. As health and fitness improves we find that many of the tasks we used to find difficult actually become a lot easier; our tolerance toward those niggling interpersonal things that occur daily improves noticeably. Problem-solving abilities also soar to greater heights, thus making us more likely to experience greater levels of success in our business activities.FITNESSThat hackneyed response to a friend’s question “Are you feeling fit”? “Yeah, fit for nothing”! will become a reply of the past because you’ll most likely feel fit for almost anything. Weight loss, health and fitness = less stress.